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  • Fifty Italians

    October 30, 2012, 6:30 pm

    Casa d’Italia, 505, rue Jean-Talon Est, Métro Jean-Talon

    Discover a film that tells the story of fifty men who, through their ingenious, courageous and at times comically creative actions, saved the lives of over 50,000 Jews. These men were among Mussolini's highest-ranking Generals and Diplomats, and they found different innovative ways to avoid complying with Hitler's "final solution". Screening followed by a discussion.

    • Tuesday, October 30 - 6:30 pm
    • At Casa d'Italia

    Fifty Italians: The men who saved 50,000 Jewish lives

    In the darkest and most tragic moment of the twentieth century, when it seemed impossible to resist the Nazi death machine, 50 high-ranking Italian diplomats and generals saved almost 50,000 Jewish lives, helping them to escape persecution, deportation and death.

    In Italy's occupied territories - Croatia and Yugoslavia, the South of France and Greece - these men were chosen by Mussolini to represent his regime, and implement his policies. But in this story, they made a different choice. For reasons that are clear for some, mysterious for others, these 50 men were guided by a personal choice to do good, to do right ... to save human lives.

    Screening followed by a discussion with Sidney Zoltak and Enzo Camerino, Holocaust Survivors.

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    This event is organised in partnership with the Casa d'Italia.

    This event is part of the Holocaust Education Series 2012, organised by the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre.