Draw me the Story of...

This educational tool was designed for the secondary Cycle 1 course in History and Citizenship Education. The primary activity engages students in creating a graphic novel highlighting the experiences of Jews in the Netherlands during the Holocaust, demonstrating how antisemitism and anti-Jewish measures impacted individual lives.

This educational project corresponds with the Quebec Education Program's objectives in the following three areas:

  • Social reality: "Recognition of rights and freedoms"
  • Elsewhere: Denial of freedom of movement and the civil rights of Jews in Europe
  • Cultural references: Deprivation of rights and freedoms


Objectives :

  • Understand the Holocaust and Nazi ideology by learning about anti-Jewish measures imposed by the Nazi in the Netherlands;

  • Make links between Canadian history and the liberation of the Netherlands by the Canadian army;
  • Employ the use of historical information and artefacts in order to reconstruct the past in a credible manner, incorporating elements of recorded eye witness testimonies.

Free reservation of the activity via the pre-reservation form. You will receive:
  • The pedagogical guide
  • "A brief History of the Holocaust" (Booklet)
  • A DVD

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This educational tool is comprised of seven activities leading up to the culminating graphic novel activity:

Brief History of the Holocaust in the Netherlands
- Characteristics of the Netherlands in the 1930s and 1940s

- Introduction to the timeline

- Summary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

- When government denies citizens their Rights...

- Biographies of Holocaust survivors originating from the Netherlands

- Westerbork - Transit Camp (1942)

- Impact of the war and the Holocaust on daily life

- Document, what can I learn from you?

- Instructions for creating a coming strip
- Evaluation criteria
- Index card for character development
- Chart for scenario development
- Timeline