The Museum

The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Museum tells the story of Jewish communities before, during and after the Holocaust.

Through the life stories of Montreal survivors, the Museum invites visitors to reflect on the destruction caused by prejudice, racism and antisemitism.  

Permanent Exhibition

The reaction of Quebec and of Canada is regularly examined in relation to these events throughout the exhibition. Archives and artefacts document, for example,  antisemitism during the 1930s and after the war when survivors immigrated to Montreal .


Archived photographs and videos give visitors a perspective on the political and cultural context in which the Holocaust took place.

Display cases

The display cases show rare personal objects rescued from the period, such as:

  • Identity cards stamped "J" for "Jewish"
  • A Shanghai refugee's suitcase from 1938
  • An identity number of a Kindertransport child
  • Yellow stars worn in France, the Netherlands and in Croatia
  • Hidden objects from within the camps

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Each historical section is highlighted by survivor testimonies, compiled in videos that mix archival footage and interviews. 
Here we learn about the crimes and violence perpetrated against Jews, but also about resistance and the struggle for dignity.

Testimonies add a human dimension and sensitive presentation of the difficult history.


Through the diversity of experiences shared  in the Montreal Holocaust Museum, visitors get a sense of the complexity and scale of the Holocaust.